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5 Reasons Make Vietnam a Beloved Destination

1. Beautiful Landscapes

From north to south, visitors will be able to find the magnificent scenery overwhelmed emotionally, from the ancient and peaceful city as Hoi An, to the yellow rice terraces in the North West.
As a country with a modest area, but the beauty of Vietnam stretches the length of the country. Visitors can up the mountain, through the jungle, the ocean, visited the valley, watching the plateau …

2. Unique Culture

Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups, each nation brings a unique culture and its own traditions. These particular culture which has created new experience for visitors. They can come to enjoy Hue Court Music, Highland soak up the gongs festival, listen to Quan Ho folk songs, or empathize with don ca tai tu.

3. Idyllic life

A country if all the focus on tourism development with major business center, cinema quality or luxury hotel will be neglected part of visitors looking for that idyllic trip. Vietnam is different, here you can still find moments of closeness of people in the city, but the old stuff but worth the daily rhythm of life.

4. Good food

Cuisine is one of the important positive contributing Footbinding tourists in Vietnam. In addition to the famous noodle and bread, as in any provinces in Vietnam, tourists can enjoy the rustic specialties like noodles soups, hot pot sauce, shrimp paste or bean vermicelli noodle …
Price delicacies Vietnam also very cheap. Just 1 to 2 dollars, guests were able to stomach with a bowl of wonton noodle. Many tourists particularly enjoy sitting on stools eating steaming baking dish or a delicious plate screws.

5. Friendly People

For tourists, the Vietnam there or it’s a friendly attitude. Not only with the affable trade show to sell, but pedestrians and children meet foreign visitors often flashed a bright smile. This attitude makes visitors feel welcome in the country of Vietnam.
Many cases of lost tourists, they are also the Vietnam dedicated instructions, even though some people can not master English very much, but they still find ways to express.