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Weather in Nha Trang

Influenced by both of tropical monsoon and oceanic climate, Nha Trang has temperate climate. Average annually temperature is 26ºC, the […]

Weather in Da Nang

Danang locates in tropical monsoon zone with high and stable temperature. The yearly mean temperature is about 25.6ºC, the peak […]

Weather in Hue

The weather is submitted to tropical monsoon climate divided into four distinct seasons: fresh spring, very hot summer, mild autumn […]

Weather in Sapa

Influented by temprate and subtropical climate, the weather in Sapa is cool around year. The average temprature is 15ºC. May […]

Weather in Halong

Climate of Halong city has typical character of oceanic temperature type with two separate seasons: summer lasts from May to […]

Weather in Hanoi

Weather in Hanoi

Typical weather of north Vietnam, Hanoi climate belongs to tropical monsoon temperature type: hot summer with high rainfall and cold […]

weather in Vietnam

Weather in Vietnam

Vietnam is located in both a tropical and a temperate zone. The weather in Vietnam is characterized by strong monsoon […]