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Weather in Da Nang

Danang locates in tropical monsoon zone with high and stable temperature.

The yearly mean temperature is about 25.6ºC, the peak in June (29.2ºC) and the lowest point in February (21.2ºC). Separately, temperature of Ba Na Mountain in 1,500m averages from 17ºC to 20ºC. The city receives 1,355mm of rainfall annually, concentrated in October. Average annually humidity is 83.4%.

Due to of geography, Danang is affected by climate of the north and the south of Vietnam, inclined to be tropical climate of the south. There are two distinguished seasons: dry season (from January to July) and rainy season (from August to December). Sometime, cold weather occurs in short time.

Average monthly temperature (ºC)

Da Nang Temperature

Average monthly rainfall (mm)

Da Nang Rainfall